Healing Rain – I am not afraid!

This morning as I was listening to the song “Healing Rain/Let it Rain” by Michael W. Smith, I was overcome by compassion for so many people. A lot of people came to mind, starting with myself. It is a song that carries so much healing power and a lot of people would benefit from it.

You can watch it here.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz12DuTGC0Q  Share it with anyone who you think needs to hear it.

I believe we all want the same things – faith, hope, and love. The need for these ideals manifests differently in our unique individual lives. But in large part they are at the core of who we and they shape our lives; our joy, our fulfillment, our dreams, and our families, and our legacy.

If we allow it, the hurt or pain we have experienced in our past and the mistakes we make along our individual journeys, can erode our faith, our hope, and our love. It doesn’t happen overnight, but over a long period of time. It is subtle, and therefore un-alarming. We never notice the erosion, until the effects manifest in our external lives – in our outlook on life, our joy, our energy and passion for life.

When we do notice, it is rarely an aha moment. It is more a slow realization that things aren’t quite working out the way you imagined in your life. This can take time. It can be several years of alternating feelings of denial, confusion, and hopefully acknowledgment. Continue reading


Price of discipline

I hope this post finds you inspired and passionate about what you do.

I have been thinking about a powerful statement I heard when listening to one of my favorite business philosopher and teacher, Jim Rohn. Jim say’s, “in life you either pay the price of discipline or the price of regret.”

The first time I heard him say it, I thought, that’s interesting. The second, time, I thought, that’s powerful. I recently had it again, and now I can not get it off my mind. Continue reading

Take the first step

This morning I woke up at 3 am because I was too excited to sleep! I was thinking of recording my first video to post on Youtube. Okay, a little background is needed here…

I believe God has imbued me with a passion to inspire people, especially the youth to pursue their dreams, reach their full potential and live a life full of faith, hope, and love (1 Corinthians 13:13).

When God plants a seed; which could be an idea, a calling, a need to reach you out, whatever it is, it is very hard to ignore it. Continue reading