Take the first step

This morning I woke up at 3 am because I was too excited to sleep! I was thinking of recording my first video to post on Youtube. Okay, a little background is needed here…

I believe God has imbued me with a passion to inspire people, especially the youth to pursue their dreams, reach their full potential and live a life full of faith, hope, and love (1 Corinthians 13:13).

When God plants a seed; which could be an idea, a calling, a need to reach you out, whatever it is, it is very hard to ignore it.

I have been wrestling my passion to inspire and touch people’s lives for a long time. Wrestle may not be the most appropriate term, but essentially I have been making excuse after excuse. To be honest, my excuses are somewhat valid. I am quite busy. I am married to my lovely wife and blessed with two precious daughters (Jada 7 and Eva 5) who keep me busy.  I am the founder of Peak Coffee and Tea, a coffee roasting and tea company www.peakcoffeeandtea.com. I am a co-founder of Leaders of A New Generation, I am in charge of finances for a private equity firm, and I am trying to start a basketball league (okay I have to admit – the league is with friends and we all have one thing in common  – we can not play basketball!). I am sure you agree with me – that is a busy life!

But life is short and I have realized that you can never wait for the perfect momemt to get started on your passion or calling. At the beginning of this year I had a strong feeling this would be the year I TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Two years ago I traveled to Kenya to start LEADERS OF A NEW GENERATION, a youth leadership training program. However, for two years I have held back on going all out on my passion. I have been taking half steps….

Not any more, with the launch of this blog and a coming soon video (see bottom of this post) that will soon be posted on this blog, I am going all out. Why now? Well, 3 things happened this week. Bear with me as I share with you.

First, last Friday (March 25, 2011), I visited a friend who told me about a series of math tutorial videos that have impacted thousands of people around the world, especially high school students. He then showed me how to shoot and upload a video on Youtube and that got me fired up to get started. Yes, I admit I had no clue!  I have been thinking about taking my first video all week.

Second, last Sunday after church, I decided to visit Lowell downtown, specifically the low housing section of downtown. I did not have a specific plan. I was following a strong urge I have had all year to learn about places I can volunteer in Lowell. My goal is to have my two girls join me in volunteering. Anyway, I found myself in downtown, Lowell at 1:30 pm. When I got there, I saw a man who appeared to be in his fifties. Based on his appearance, I concluded he may be homeless (next time I will not be so judgmental).

I walked up to him. As I did, I asked God to have him (the man) tell me something interesting. I reached him and said hello. He replied and immediately told me his friend was very depressed and in hospital. My first thought was – that is a sign from God. My second thought was – that must be the pick up line he uses to get money from strangers! Nevertheless, I invited him to join me for a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop. I won’t mention the name rest they get more business (seriously – they have enough!).

Over the next 1 hour, my friend and I chatted about a lot of things, mostly his story, which was touching and depressing at the same time. By the way in case you are wondering I was right – he was homeless. The whole time we were talking, I could not help but notice the bewildered looks of fellow coffee drinkers. After the coffee, we walked outside and spent another half hour just talking. At the end of the conversation, we planned to meet again this coming Sunday (I really hope he shows up) and then he put his hand on my shoulder and thanked me. I could tell he was not thanking me for the coffee. He was thanking me for the conversation. I have thought about him all week. He touched me more than I touched him. And, it got me one step closer to my passion…

Finally, 3 days ago, I was working late at the Peak Coffee and Tea Store when a young man knocked on the door at 9:30 pm. He startled me. I am usually at the store late 1 or 2 days a week and no one ever comes by. I hesitantly opened the door and let him in with a quizzical look on my face.  He turned out to be Kenyan, like I am. He explained to me he had come by the Pizza place next door several times and had always wanted to come in to the Peak store.

We talked for about an hour (okay you may be getting the gist by now that I am a talker….May be you got that from the length of this post already!). Even though we had never met before, he told me a lot about himself, his family and his story. Amazingly, he stated three to four times during our conversation that he wishes he had a mentor or someone to guide him because he would have made better decisions. He was speaking directly to me. To my heart that is. All week I had been thinking about starting this blog and recording a video, and here was someone (sent by God in my view) to tell me indirectly that young people need to be inspired and mentored! I actually told him I thought God sent him to me.

Now that you have made your way through that lengthy post, I can tell you why I just wrote it. I wrote it to share with you my experience of why I have decided to Take This First Step and start this blog and record a video. When God plants a seed, a passion, an idea, or a calling in you, he will confirm it to you in many ways, mainly through people and experiences. I believe he does so until you become aware that you are consciously ignoring his call, that is if you are.

What is the seed, passion, idea, or calling you have? What will it take for you to take the first step? days, weeks, months, years?

Neither days, weeks, months, nor years are guaranteed. The moment you have is now. It is not perfect but it is now and now is the time to take the first step.

I have taken mine, and I am glad to share it with you.

God bless.

BTW – I fought with the flip video recorder from 3 am to 6 am this morning. I could not get the sound and picture right.  My friend told me it was easy to use!!!


7 thoughts on “Take the first step

  1. May God bless you for being obedient to your calling and may He provide the means, the time, strength and wisdom to perform your calling to according to his will. Please invite me to your first basketball game:)

  2. This is wonderful. May the Lord bless the dream he has put in your heart. This month at mavuno (remember the church mercy brought you to?), we are learning about how we are wired for greatness n today’s lesson was bout influencing the next generation. Joshua’s reign of the Israelites was v fruitful n they were faithful to God as they had seen him save them severally. However, the next generation wad very off n the book of judges goes to great length to explain this (judges 2:10). The reason for this was coz Joshua’s generation did not invest in the next generation.

    You are investing in the next generation. And that generation is so in need of mentoring. Its a generation that does not have role models, n if we don invest in em then they’ll become the judges generation. i know the Lord will continue to direct your dream to greatness. Baraka mob. Hi to your family!!

    • Helloo Esta
      am so with you on the mavuno sermon. My life group keeps me updated.
      I didn’t know you are such a good listener

  3. Wow! this is touching… A passion that strong should not be ignored – I too believe it IS a calling from God. You might not realize the impact this blog will have on someone but you are already touching lives. Thanks for being such an inspiration and God bless you in this endeavor!

  4. First of all great post, secondly someone once told me that if you run away or ignore your God given dream, that dream will chase after you and I believe that that dream is part of your life purpose. Do it even when afraid or busy – the greatest people had the same 24 hours like any of us to achieve their dreams.

  5. Peter, I got a fwd from Grace and Alice on “Healing Rain” and I had to see if you had more … I am glad you do.
    What God has for you ..it surely is for you.
    I pray that what you will (as you have started) continue to trust that He who started the good work in you – and that He will bring it to completion.

    Amazing that all it takes its for us to “take the first step” … “its faith” …

    Be blessed now and always

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