Price of discipline

I hope this post finds you inspired and passionate about what you do.

I have been thinking about a powerful statement I heard when listening to one of my favorite business philosopher and teacher, Jim Rohn. Jim say’s, “in life you either pay the price of discipline or the price of regret.”

The first time I heard him say it, I thought, that’s interesting. The second, time, I thought, that’s powerful. I recently had it again, and now I can not get it off my mind.

I can not get it off my mind, because I am realizing that statement captures so powerfully yet simply, a subconscious trade off we make every moment and every day, that has such a huge impact in every area of our lives.

It is worth saying in a different way; if you choose not to pay the price of discpline today, you are choosing to pay the price of regret later. Think about it, this principle applied in your early days of elementary school – if you failed to pay the price of discipline of doing your homework on any given day, you were sure to pay the price of last minute scrambling and sweating, and if you are like me, having to cook up a coherent and believable story…

The consequences then may have gone unnoticed, but in our adult life the implications are magnified significantly; it affects our dreams and hopes, marriages, relationships, families, businesses, and more importantly how we feel about ourselves.

No one wants to pay a price. It is called a price for a reason. Given the choice, we prefer to postpone paying the price. It feels good too! You feel like you gained something without having to pay for it. Charge the credit card and pay later. Borrow money and pay later. (By the way, why is it so easy to borrow and so hard to pay back? Usually when I am paying back, I can hardly recall the benefit I enjoyed.)

So is the case with the price of discipline and regret. The price of discipline you have to pay now. The price of regret, well, you can pay that later. It is a no brainer. Go to the gym today? Nah….    Spend intimate time with my children? Nah…

Unfortunately, just as it is with debt, when you choose to pay later, you pay more and it costs you more.

I am determined to embrace and pay the price of discipline now. Yes, by now, I mean today! Though it is hard, especially if you try to apply this principle to all areas of your life at once (do not try this at home! go slowly), the greatest benefit of paying the price of discipline today is how you feel about yourself. Priceless, as MasterCard would say.

Try it. Choose an area of your life, where you know you are borrowing from today only to pay later (another way of putting it) and determine that you will choose the price of discipline today instead of the price of regret tomorrow.

Having you been thinking of going back to school but dread the idea of school stress? Think about the price of regret you will pay a few years from now when you would have been graduating. Better yet, attend a graduation today to get a visual!

Is your relationship with your significant other deteriorating and you are shying away from the paying the price of investing your emotional energy to reconcile? Think about the price of regret you will have to pay later if your relationship continues along the same path.

Are you constantly worried you are not saving enough, but you still continue to spend beyond your means? Determine to pay the price of cutting back and leaving beneath your means today. It will pay in comparison to the price of regret when you are nearing retirement age with no savings.

Although, I don’t know what you are dealing with, I know this principle applies somehow. Apply it. Embrace the price of discipline today, take action, and you will reap the benefits later.

Discipline weighs ounces. Regret ways tones.

How are you taking action today?


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