When at work, work

Short post for today.

Brian Tracy says, “When at work, work”. My response was, of course! Not so fast.

It is very easy to waste time and get distracted when at work, in your business, or when working on a house project. At the end of the day you wonder, “What did I really accomplish today?”

Recently I have been working on a self imposed policy – “everything is due today!” Everything, even long-term projects like process improvement projects that have a tendency to linger beyond “long-term” into “never-term”.

The reward of the “everything is due today” policy is incredible!  Try it. After sometime, you begin to feel like everything on your to do list is behind you instead of feeling like everything is lurking in your future waiting by your bedside when you wake up.

Pretty soon you will find yourself scrambling to make up stuff to do because you have already done everything! Not quite, but kind off.

Try it, but don’t forget to rest and rejuvenate (a little coffee and tea helps).

Stay Inspired.



One thought on “When at work, work

  1. I guess discipline counts too>. A little tip for rejuvenating- Try a Iced Rooibos Tea ( Blueberry Bang and Raspberry In Paris mixed with Hibiscus). My friends loved it!!

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