Making a difference – Emmaus Cycle for Shelter

It is easy to focus on daily life struggles and forget to count our blessings, like a roof over our head and a place we can call home.

Few things are more sobering than the plight of individuals and families who are homeless. If you work in a city, you are likely to encounter a homeless person everyday on your way to and back from work. The frequency of these encounters can erode your sensitivity to the conditions of the homeless and in some cases make you cynical.

Homelessness impacts real people who have dreams and hopes for their lives just like you and I. Statistics show the number of families as opposed to individuals falling victim to homelessness has risen significantly over the last few years. You can find more information here

You can make a difference to help improve the lives of people impacted by homelessness.

Sue, one of Peak Coffee and Tea’s customers is making a difference by participating in the Cycle for Shelter on July 24, 2011. Sue is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. She participates in many road races and cycling events to make a difference. She recently ran the Boston Marathon! If you can, support her efforts by making a donation. See information below

From Sue –

I am participating in Cycle for Shelter on July 24, 2011. 

I am raising critically needed funds to support Emmaus programs that help homeless families and individuals rebuild their lives. On any given night, over 300 adults and children call “Emmaus” home. Located in Haverhill, MA, Emmaus programs assist 2,500 different people each year. Emmaus has been recognized in Massachusetts and nationally as a best practice model for responding to homelessness.

Cycle for Shelter will bring together hundreds of riders and volunteers who care deeply about creating solutions to the tragedy of homelessness. I will be included among this group of local heroes who are striving to make homelessness a thing of the past.

Click here to read more and to make a donation (see link “Make A Gift” below the Goal Meter)

Stay Inspired!



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