Peak’s 3 Month Mission

I am always inspired by people who sacrifice their time, finances, and even careers to make a difference and touch other people’s lives. I have met many such people through Peak Coffee & Tea. I met Ed who works with Climb for the Child Project.  Ed hikes and bikes in Africa to raise money to put disadvantaged kids in school. I also met Chermaine, who left a promising career at Raytheon to work with Intervarsity Fellowship. These are just a few of the people I have met.

I know many of you are making a difference and that is why I am excited to announce the official launch of the Peak 3 Month Mission, a Peak Coffee & Tea initiative to partner with you in making a difference. Continue reading


Watch out for the Weeds

Yesterday, I had a very busy and productive day. By 8:30 am in the morning I was in Brunswick, Maine visiting a coffee roaster. I spent over 2 hours talking coffee, tasting coffee, and learning. I had so much coffee that my head was buzzing when I left at 11 am headed to Worcester. By 2 pm I was in Worcester before returning home to mow my lawn and tend to my “flower garden” if it qualifies to be called that.

I had not tended to my lawn for a few weeks because I was in Kenya, so it was “standing out” if you know what I mean. I worked on the lawn from 2 pm to 7 pm before dropping dead on my couch!

Why did it take me so long? The weeds!!!!!! This brings to me to my thoughts for the day – “watch out for the weeds”. After just 3 weeks, the weeds (my youngest daughter would love that rhyme – 3 weeks, the and weeds) were everywhere; the lawn, the flower bed, the side walk, and the front steps. Mowing the lawn took me 30 minutes, but removing the weeds took me almost 4 hours! Continue reading