Watch out for the Weeds

Yesterday, I had a very busy and productive day. By 8:30 am in the morning I was in Brunswick, Maine visiting a coffee roaster. I spent over 2 hours talking coffee, tasting coffee, and learning. I had so much coffee that my head was buzzing when I left at 11 am headed to Worcester. By 2 pm I was in Worcester before returning home to mow my lawn and tend to my “flower garden” if it qualifies to be called that.

I had not tended to my lawn for a few weeks because I was in Kenya, so it was “standing out” if you know what I mean. I worked on the lawn from 2 pm to 7 pm before dropping dead on my couch!

Why did it take me so long? The weeds!!!!!! This brings to me to my thoughts for the day – “watch out for the weeds”. After just 3 weeks, the weeds (my youngest daughter would love that rhyme – 3 weeks, the and weeds) were everywhere; the lawn, the flower bed, the side walk, and the front steps. Mowing the lawn took me 30 minutes, but removing the weeds took me almost 4 hours!

As I was busy plucking the weeds out, a powerful metaphor occurred to me – weeds are always lurking waiting to grow in area of our life that we neglect. It doesn’t take long for them to grow. Just a little neglect is all they need. The longer the neglect, the deeper the weeds get entrenched and the harder they are to pull out.

This applies in all areas of our life; our relationships, our health, our finances, our minds, our jobs and business. It is okay to relax, but don’t let your relaxation turn into neglect.

I encourage you avoid neglecting any area of your life that is valuable to you. In your relationships, stay connected. Do not neglect the people who mean the most to you. If you are married, do not neglect your spouse, rest the weeds of lack of intimacy and communication slowly erode your marriage. If you have children, do not neglect to spend time with them, especially at their early ages, rest the weeds of low self-esteem begin to take root.

Guard your mind and thoughts by praying, reading the bible, inspirational and interesting books rest the weeds of laziness, doubt, fear, and despair start to grow. Do not neglect eating healthy and exercising, rest the weeds of unfitness and diseases start to grow.

I encourage you stay on guard in every area of your life. It does not take long for the weeds to grow. I emphasize every area of your life, because it is easy to focus on some areas and neglect others. Every area of your life affects every other area of your life. Your relational life affects your health. Your health affects your finances. Your finances affect your thought-life. And all areas of your life affect your joy and happiness.

It is easier to stay on guard and constantly prevent weeds from growing than to remove the weeds. In my case 3 weeks of neglecting my lawn cost me 4 – 5 hours of hard work and sweat not to mention the impact on my relationship with my neighbors! In more important areas of life, it can be more costly.

Watch out and guard against the weeds. It is easier.

Next weekend I will be tending to my lawn again. This time it will take me only 30 minutes because the roots of the weeds if any will be easy to pull out.

Stay inspired



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