Life is a test

Life is a test. I am sure you have heard that before.

One of my favorite motivational speakers, Jim Rohn, had a very interesting and instructive question about learning. He would ask, “How long would you let your child stay in fourth grade? How many years? 1, 2, 3? And then he would say, “No! You can’t let your child stay longer than 1 year and if they failed the first year, you would work extremely hard to make sure they did not have to stay much longer”

Hidden in the humor of Jim’s question and answer is a very profound insight that applies to our lives. How long will you keep making the same mistakes or wrong choices in your life? How long will it take for you to learn how to manage your career and finances, to eat healthy and exercise, to manage your relationships, to manage your time well, to get organized?

If you had to take a test more than once, do you think you would pass the second time or the third time? I can bet if you literally took the same test over and over, by the third or fourth time you would score 100%. At least, by the third time I would not be surprised or floored by the questions.

Why is it that we fail the same “life test” over and over, in some cases over a life time? The only explanation I can think of is we never acknowledge life is a continuous class and as a result we miss the lessons to be learned.

Some people pay attention during life lessons, ace the test and move on to the next class or lesson. What do they do differently? They continually try to get better, by examining their lives, by learning from their mistakes, by reading, and by dedicating their lives to continuous personal development. Over time their progression from class to class and their passing the tests manifests itself in their lives in the form of fulfillment and success. They always seem to be getting better and making progress in their relationships, finances, health, and careers.

Unfortunately some people go through the motions of life oblivious to the lessons and as a result, they never pass the test. Time passes but they remain in the same class and can’t seem to get over the hump.

Life is a test. The good news is that it is a repetitive test. If you pay attention and apply yourself, you will learn the lessons and ace the tests and pretty soon you will be moving from class to class and from success to success.

Why not decide today, that you will not spend more than a reasonable amount of time in the same class. Have you been in finances 101 for the last several years making the same mistakes; always spending more than you earn and always out of money before the end of the month? Why not determine today this is your last year in the same class. Get some personal finances books and read them and apply what you learn. If you need to, go for a personal finances seminar or subscribe to a personal finance newsletter online. Get some new friends who are really good at managing money and learn from them. In other words, since the test will come, why not sign up and register for the class and dedicate yourself to learning the lessons. Once you pass the class this year, next year you can move on to the next class; Investing 101. Now instead of just trying to save some money and to not spend more than you earn, you will be learning to invest in your 401k, in mutual funds, in the stock market, or in a house. If you repeat this process for a few years, you will totally change your life.

This can be applied to any area of your life. Do you lack motivation? Sign up for the “how to become motivated” class and dedicate yourself to learning the lessons. Are you over weight or out of shape? Sign up for the “how to lose weight and get in shape” class. Are you fighting an addiction? Sign up for a class that will help you beat the addiction. Do you always get to work late or “barely on time”? Sign up for the “time management” class and decide that within the next two months you will “graduate” from the class!

In other words, embrace personal development and begin to make a conscious effort to get better in every area of your life that really matters to you. Instead of spending your precious time on things that will not make a difference in your life, sign up and attend the life lessons that will make a difference in your life. In this Internet and Information age, all the information you need for your “class” is available for free and if not, for a very modest cost.

Make a list of the classes or lessons you want to attend this year and determine that at the end of the year, you will “graduate” and move on to the next class.

Good luck, God bless, & Share your success!


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