Shallow End

I trust all is well with you and that you are excited about life!

I am training someone to swim and I must say I am enjoying it a lot. As a matter of fact it has made me rediscover my love for swimming. It helps that the person I am training is a fast and determined learner! I also train my two daughters every Friday and I love it!

So why did I start with this introduction? Well, I was driving from my daughters’ school after dropping them off and for some reason I started thinking about swimming. Specifically, I started about the shallow end and the deep end. I was thinking about how people who can’t swim are terrified by water and the deep end. I was the same way before I learned how to swim: it was terrifying. To make matters worse, when I was learning to swim in high school, other students would playfully (nothing playful about it!) pull you into the deep end or swim under water and pull you down. Continue reading