I spent the last 5 hours writing the curriculum for the Leaders of New Generation program (LONG – www.goodleaders.org). I was so engrossed with the writing I did not realized I sat on the chair in the dining room for 5 hours! Anyway, as I got to the end, I wrote the above statement to make a point about finding where your talent and passion intersects with peoples’ needs as the starting point of exploring business ideas.

As soon as I wrote that statement, my internal conflicts about my business became crystal clear and my hesitation to pursue my true passion with 100% focus disappeared. I will share more on this later, but enough about me..

Are you pursuing your passion and using your God given talents to help other people meet their needs? I am sure you have heard this question before. Have you ever really thought about it?

God would not give you a talent without a purpose. The purpose of your talent is to serve others and to make a contribution into other peoples’ lives. You are God’s number 1 option with respect to the gifts he equipped you with for the purpose of serving others and spreading his love. You are the number 1 option because there is no one else like you. However, God has other options and he will not wait for your entire life to see if you fulfill the purpose he has set out for you.

I have never done anything for no reason, have you? Even the most mundane thing I do, I do for a reason. For example, when I walk to the window of my office and look outside for no seemingly apparent reason, I do so to relax and refocus. I may do it subconsciously, but there is a reason nonetheless. Similarly, I have never created anything for no reason. I am not a creator and I am definitely not handy, but once in a while I create “something” and when I do, I do it for a specific purpose.

What is my point? Well if we never do anything or create anything without a specific purpose, why would God create someone so precious, so complex, and so unique for no reason? He would not. You are in this world for a reason. You may have to search for your purpose, but search you must, at least if you want to live a full, rich and happy life. I don’t mean an easy life. There is nothing full, rich, and happy about easy.

If you don’t know your purpose, be encouraged! God can’t hide your purpose from you. There are many reasons why you may be struggling to find your purpose, but I believe there are a few primary reasons.

First and foremost- fear. You may be afraid that your talent and true inner core person will not provide you with the life you imagined for yourself. The problem with this view is you can’t create a fuller, richer, and happier life than God designed for you and he intended for you to experience through your true purpose and calling. You may achieve success but not fulfilment. I once heard Anthony Robbins say that success is a science but fulfillment is an art. This means success has a formula that anyone can follow and many do to achieve worldly success. However fulfilment is an art and is very personal. It is personal because it is connected to your inner core as created and designed by God. You can not follow someone else’s formula for fulfillment.

Second – settling. You may have settled in to your life as you know it and given up hope for living a life that is centered on your true self. It is amazing what you can get used to and live with even when you don’t like it. It takes courage and a lot of emotional and psychological energy to peel away from your “settlement”. This does not mean you should give up. On the contrary it means the sooner you start this journey the better.

Third – waiting for absolute clarity. The idea of living your true purpose is as elusive as it is appealing. We want to be absolutely sure about the path that will lead to our true calling and a guarantee of absolute joy and fulfillment before we embark on it. I was recently reminded that when God instructed Abram to leave his country, he said, “leave your country and your people and you father’s household and go to the land I will show you” The verse later says “Abram left”. God did not give Abram a map quest print out with a specific destination and an estimate of how long it will take to get there, yet Abram left!

God is saying to you “leave you fear and settlement and follow the purpose which I created you for which I will reveal to you” And you are saying, “God tell me exactly what the purpose is and how much money I will earn from it so that I can be sure it will fulfill all my worldly desires. And, how long will it take and how hard will it be?

I don’t know where you are in your life, but if you find yourself paralyzed by fear, if you find yourself attached to your unpleasant “settlement”, and constantly asking God to make your purpose, path, and destination absolutely clear, I have one word for you.


Abram left! Leave your fear. Leave your settlement. Leave your need for clarity and guarantee of success behind!

Follow what your heart is telling you about your purpose and put your full trust in God. If you absolutely need some reassurance, read Abram’s story and see how it worked out for him.

Today, I made the decision to leave. Will you?

God bless


4 thoughts on “Leave

  1. Powerful stuff Peter! I’ve been waiting for clarity, and a guarantee for success.
    Thanks for the post because am packing my bags………

  2. The good thing about reading this post is one doesn’t feel totally alone….we are going through the same struggles.The second most important thing is they can work as propellants to do just what you have been planning to do only that fear paralyses you….Thanks a lot and please don’t stop writing.

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