About Me

Hello – my name is Peter Kagunye. Welcome to my blog. Hopefully you will be dropping by regularly! The purpose of this blog is to inspire you live a purposeful and passionate life full of love, faith, joy, peace, fulfilment, health, wealth, and to live a legacy of making a difference


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is great Kamau.I was almost in tears by the end of your first post.Its like so many things that I have been pushing until “the time is right” to do and take action with suddenly came rushing to my mind – from hospital visits to volunteering at the Boys and Girls club…and its so interesting its one in the morning when am reading this too…Keep up the good work.Penny

  2. Peter,your truely an inspiration to my life and having signed up to your blog has been the most amazing journey ever.You touch on every area of my life so profoundly that am always waiting for more and more posts.Your stiring up greatness from within me and provoking me to act on whatever issues i have.I love them!love them!love them.Your blessed and highly favored.More wisdom to you Peter.~~Gracie kim~~

  3. Hi Peter, Did you stop blogging? I just re-read your post on dreams and I am blessed ..many times I do ask myself what I would say for example at work if some one asked me “how can a God who you say is so loving, allow such hatred and disaster to happen?” …thank you for posting this and May God continually bless you and your family.

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